Blossoms of Peace

by Teri Leigh Teed


On the Eve of Bealtaine on the Celtic calendar, the Greening of the Mountains is in full swing. The winds of change swirl through the newly leafed forests, twirling the boughs like the petticoats of an Appalachian dancer, and raising consciousness. A sea of green for the eyes, and an awakening of the soul.


The first blossoms of the Rhododendrons are here, and the flowering on the higher elevations will soon follow. Small wonder that everyone’s hearts bloom brighter at this time of year. After a long winter, now sunshine and bird songs highlight the day, and cool nights are filled with the chorus of frogs and crickets.


Nature is filled with the sacred geometry of life, which is reflected all around us and within us. Beauty surrounds us and brings joy to our lives. With each heartbeat, we are all joined in harmony: Mother Earth, humans, animals, plants, minerals.


Divine Love surely flows here on Earth. All one needs to do is open one’s eyes to the wonder and majesty that is here on our home planet. The music of the spheres is singing and calling us all to remember we are all one.


So take off your shoes and walk barefoot over cool, green grass. Or sit next to a river or creek and listen to the sounds of the water flowing and falling gently. I love to take a short trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Waterrock Knob and gaze at the Smoky Mountains and all the vistas in between.


Welcome the blossoms of peace!


Featured photograph “Vintage Appalachian, Pink Rhododendrons” by Teri Leigh Teed


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