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Teri Leigh Teed’s photographs capture her reverence for nature, celebrate the change of seasons, and pay homage to the breathtaking vistas that are unique to her region. She brings viewers to positive, contemplative and calming places that transcend the physical realm. Her art reveals the life-affirming presence of a power greater than us in the manner in which she captures tranquil landscapes, woods, water, clouds and the sky. As a photographic artist and storyteller, her inspiring artwork deftly blends light and shadow to create visual textures and invites us to connect with the Divine within all.”

Renee Phillips, Director of Manhattan Arts International, New York Art Critic

Teri Leigh Teed’s breathtaking “Healing Spirit Art” photographs emanate hope, peace and serenity.”

Healing Power of Art & Artists, New York

Wanted to let you know how beautiful I think your photography is. I can see that you spend a great amount of time communing with spirit in the natural domain of nature. What a beautiful gift to walk in that way. I also appreciate the fact that you’re helping people to remember who they are. That is such a needed service today.

Blessings on you and your journey. May you remain in the light that is shining throughout your world.

Rainbows all around you my friend…

Peter B.

I love what you wrote. Keep up your mission. You are clearly on the right track and made the best decision to change your path in life.
Andy G.
You are very gifted at capturing beautiful sights and moments through the lens of your camera. Your photographs are quite inspirational to me – a help to my mental, emotional, and even spiritual rest and peace.
A big fan

I am fascinated by the color and movement captured in your photos.

S. Hogan

I love your work! Peace on Earth

K. Claire

You are an inspiration to me and a joy in what is essential and possible.

Kay R.

Thank YOU for sharing Pearl Fryar’s story. It was an honor to pass it along. All love and blessings to you.

Robert M.

Her photography invoked memories when I was a child, laying down on the grass and gazing at the sky while the clouds floated by … Teri somehow successfully expresses these elements of nature we are so ignorant to. Teri Leigh Teed  transmits a sense of hope.

A. Mein

Beautiful site Teri – bless you.

Greetings Hello Teri You are truly a special soul. I found your site to be inspiring as you are one whose blessings are abundant. It is when we share our light and life with others that we emerge more empowered. Know that your efforts are appreciated and you are respected. You are contributing to the enlightenment of all blessed to discover your greatness. I celebrate who you are and what you are putting forth into the universe. Thank you for being such a guiding light. I wish you a path of self acceptance where all your dreams come true. May you widen your experience of life as you embrace the sacred and May you achieve the remarkable as you experience positive change.  Yours in Creation and Transformation

M. Teal

I just spent over 20 minutes looking through your web site.  It is beautiful !  The layout is so professional, artistic, and easy on the eyes.  Your various articles contain uplifting thoughts that are exquisitely expressed.  The lovely photographs perfectly reflect a deeper message..  Healing Spirit Art really is what your web site is about and I couldn’t stop listening, looking, and reading.  Well done, my dear, well done!

I’m so impressed with your writing – it has a beautiful sense of style, like YOU!  The photographs you included perfectly illustrate the topic and make the piece quite inspiring.  Congratulations!!

I really enjoyed my evening at your exhibition and performance.  I thought you guys did a great job, and that you are amazing for putting the whole thing together.  Well done!!

J. Murphy

Was so pleased to find such a lovely and heartfelt place on the web. Your photography is beautiful as are your thoughts. I do share much with you, especially your love of nature. There really is nothing more inspiring and soothing as a walk in a garden.

Carol D.

Simply awesome!

P. Jones


Thank you for sharing this photo (Light of Peace, Nantahala Forest). The angel is so pronounced and so beautiful. To have captured an angel in the forest (and the birds surrounding her) is amazing.  This really made my day!
D. Smith
Her work is a wonderful example of when spirit meets art, the divine friendship, I highly recommend it.
W. Taylor

Isn’t it wonderful when your children exceed your expectations?!
Musings from my wonderful daughter….hope that you enjoy!
Proud of my daughter.

~ Jayne Teed Redman, my Mom (1935-2010)


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