Poem by Teri Leigh Teed


Being aware of our awareness,

Being conscious and igniting

Recognition of our thoughts.

Allowing our inner self

To kindle the flame of the

Light of Creation.

Giving ourselves the peaceful time

And allowing our spirit to soak

In the wonder and joy of our

Life, and walking forward

With the Grace of God,

And strength and ease.

And accepting the wisdom of

Honoring our souls.


This is our gift, our legacy

For generations to come.

Knowing who we really are

And living our life mission

Joyfully and abundantly.


I am a Lightworker

And Truth is my guide.

The light of peace is my

Torch that illuminates

My footpath and leads

My way, even when all seems

Dark and it feels like

The road is lost.

For to wander is to travel

Down the lane of eternity,

And find one’s self again,

Forever safe and loved

And Blessed.

For Love is the answer,

That begins with our own self.

Always and forever.



Featured image, “Light of Creation” by Teri Leigh Teed, from the Awareness Series.


Please enjoy this video combining the poem “Awareness” with several fine art photographs from my “Healing Spirit Art” portfolio.



“The combination of sound and consciousness are profound and powerful means of co-creating transformation on both a personal and planetary level.~ Jonathan Goldman,


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