In the Land of Joe Pye Weed

Poem by Teri Leigh Teed


Fireflies and butterflies dance in summer skies,

And frolic with the fairies till dawn.

Slumbering unnoticed and happy,

In the land of Joe Pye Weed.


Within the forest the raccoons play

And hide from sight in the day,

Then enter kitchens unseen at night

To snack on cat food stashed away.


Constellations from galaxies far, far away

Twinkle in the heavens from afar,

And bring a much needed wonder

To spark our imaginations once more.


Crickets and frogs sing their songs

On beautiful summer nights like this,

And give us hours of free concerts

For slumber filled with bliss.


Life in the Blue Ridge Mountains

Is filled with gifts like these,

And countless more to treasure

Before we take our leave.


So grateful for the privilege of living

In the Land of Joe Pye Weed,

Where my heart is happy and joyful,

Surrounded by these mountains and friends.


Featured photograph, “In the Land of Joe Pye Weed”,  fine art nature photography by Teri Leigh Teed.


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