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“Sometimes the seemingly ordinary, seen in detail or in a different light, can open us to the possibilities that surround us. We need only open our hearts and minds, and our eyes will find them.”

Nature is gifting us with extraordinary blessings every day. Come walk with me through Mother Earth’s spiritual experiences, through these inspirational photographs, stories, poems and songs.

Peace, love and goodwill,


As a spiritual being having a human experience, I believe our time here on Earth is meant for learning, healing and helping. All of our experiences impact one another and our Earth.

Blue Ridge Parkway, Spring Fog over Fork Ridge Overlook

The photographs that I create and the stories, poetry and songs that I write are all channeled from the Divine. When walking through a forest, the Light and the Spirit of the Place leads me to the right moment in time and the right subject for the photograph. I believe that the healing energies of a place are channeled into the photograph, the stories, poetry and songs, and reach out to the viewer and audience and inspire them to open their hearts and minds for the union with the Divine.

All of my artwork is infused with love and healing intent, and the goal of spreading love, peace and goodwill. For me, this means treating everyone – humans, animals, plants, our Earth – with respect. If I can make even a small difference and help someone in this life, then I am happy. Every day is a blessing and an opportunity to serve.

Her photography invoked memories when I was a child, laying down on the grass and gazing at the sky while the clouds floated by … Teri somehow successfully expresses these elements of nature we are so ignorant to.

I found your site to be inspiring as you are one whose blessings are abundant. It is when we share our light and life with others that we emerge more empowered.

I’m so impressed with your writing – it has a beautiful sense of style, like YOU!  The photographs you included perfectly illustrate the topic and make the piece quite inspiring.  Congratulations!!

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The Magic of Love  by Teri Leigh Teed Always re-member, Love ... is the greatest magic of all. It Is the tie that binds us all together as One. Magic ... is believing in yourself And re-membering you are a powerful being, Full of joy and love and a healing light....


"Here is my secret. It's quite simple. One sees clearly only with the heart. Anything essential is invisible to the eyes."  Antoine de Saint-Exupery, The Little Prince Have you ever spent time in a garden, and found yourself weeping softly with joy from merely being...


“Be ever mindful of strangers, for sometimes we have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2 About fifteen years ago, I started finding feathers everywhere I walked. When I stepped out my home’s front door, there was feather, or two, on my garden path. When I opened...

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