Mother Nature is a Master Creator

by Teri Leigh Teed

Mother Nature is a master creator of all forms of art: abstract, impressionist, realistic and more. By focusing our intent on the beauty of Nature and allowing the feelings of peace to permeate our beings, we can connect with the eternal pathways and patterns of life, and renew ourselves.

In the Appalachian mountains there is a tradition of celebrating the “Greening Up” in spring. There is even a festival to honor this rite of Spring in the western North Carolina town of Sylva that is held every year on the fourth Saturday of April.

Within a week, the bare, brown trees that resemble the stubble of a man’s beard covering the vistas as far as the eyes can see, are transformed into small hints of green leaves and then a full-blown green canopy full of life.

The wild Dogwoods bloom in the misty mornings of early spring, and this year several of those mornings saw frost and a few snowflakes or “Dogwood winter” as the locals call it. And now the first Rhododendrons are in bloom. Soon the blackberries will reveal their white blossoms on the sides of country roads, amongst the thickets of mountain laurels and meandering cool, clear mountain streams.

The frogs and crickets are singing their evening songs in the spring pond. All is well at our peaceful mountain home tonight. May peace and harmony be with us all.

Featured fine art photograph, “Peaceful Reflections”, by Teri Leigh Teed.


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