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Blue Ridge Mountains

Welcome to the Healing Spirit Art Portfolio by Teri Leigh Teed.

Fine art photography for soothing the soul. Create your own personal healing space and your own pilgrimage of the heart when you purchase one of these fine art photographs. All photographic art on this website is available for sale. Please contact me for pricing and sizes. Thank you for your patronage.

“Teri Leigh Teed’s photographs capture her reverence for nature, celebrate the change of seasons, and pay homage to the breathtaking vistas that are unique to her region. By having her photography in your home or office you would be enveloped by the positive, contemplative and calming energy that emanates from her  “Healing Spirit Art”. She reveals the life-affirming presence of a power greater than us in the manner in which she captures tranquil landscapes, woods, water, clouds and the sky. Her inspiring artwork deftly blends light and shadow to create visual textures and invites us to connect with the Divine in all.” ~  Renee Phillips, Director/Founder, Manhattan Arts International, New York

“Healing Spirit Art” is the name of my fine art photography created to honor, protect and preserve Mother Earth, to inspire others, and to raise awareness by revealing the healing, transforming gift of Nature. By living in harmony with our environment, we create a peaceful world, connected with the Divine.


Share #HealingSpiritArt with the world. Be part of the community of love, peace and goodwill.

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