Return to the Sacred

by Teri Leigh Teed

There is a great awakening taking place on our planet Earth, and it is focused within each one of us. There is a growing recognition among humans that realizes that we are all connected – humans, animals, plants, Earth. This recognition is what some are calling The Shift, referring to the shift in consciousness that is caused by humans waking up spiritually and realizing we cannot continue to live the way we are without causing an end to our planet and to everyone who lives on Earth.

Returning to the native knowledge inherent in indigenous cultures is helping to reconnect to our basic instincts – how to live in a way that supports ourselves and our planet in harmony and with respect for all life. This is a return to the sacred, and it is necessary for all to survive and thrive.

Regenerative agriculture is a return to the sacred. Respecting our planet and revitalizing the soil for our crops is the beginning for the miraculous cycle of returning vital minerals to the land, which in turn revitalizes the plants we eat, which revitalizes our own bodies.

When we listen to our inner self, the God within each of us, our souls speak to us and we are guided to live in harmony with each other and our Earth.  By following our hearts and choosing the right path for ourself, we live in service to others as well ourselves. We become contributors instead of just consumers.

So choose something that is important to you, like healthy food, and focus your energies on helping make that sustainable for the next seven generations.

Featured photograph, “Haybales in Fields” by Teri Leigh Teed.  To purchase this fine art photograph please visit my Galleries page.


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