New Beginnings by Teri Leigh Teed

Winter is here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. Several snowfalls have come and gone and it feels like another one is on the way in the next few days. Time has passed so quickly it seems like only yesterday it was the beginning of Fall.

I’m learning the different ways that snow appears, and the most wondrous thing I have noticed was during a snowfall a few days ago. The morning sun reflected tiny electric colored drops in emerald green and fuschia. One had to look very closely or these miniature jewels might have been missed. Like tiny fairy lights dotted across the white landscape.

It is a time of reflection and introspection for the human soul. Is it any wonder that some of Nature’s creatures hibernate at this time? Time to comfort our minds and bodies and seek shelter from the cold, rain and storms.

For me, it is a time for new beginnings at the first part of a new year. Time to plan for new plantings of imagination, as another season is approaching.

On the Celtic calendar, it is the eve of Imbolc, the feast of St Brigid, and as legend tells us, a time to leave strips of cloth on tree limbs and shrubs overnight to be blessed by the saint with healing powers. So in the morning, the blessed cloths can be collected and given to loved ones and new friends.

And whenever imagination and healing blessings are mixed together, miracles can occur.

Featured photograph, “Beginning of Fall”, by Teri Leigh Teed. This photograph recently won an Award of Excellence in the 3rd annual “New Beginnings Exhibition” online at Manhattan Arts International, which is on display from January 20 – March 20. 2018. Smoky Mountain News also included an article about this photograph, “Sylva photographer gets national recognition”.




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