Confections of Snow

by Teri Leigh Teed


Just over a week ago the Blue Ridge Mountains were suddenly and wondrously blanketed with snow, and this part of western North Carolina just outside Sylva saw over nine inches fall in a day. Some of our neighbors on the eastern side of Jackson County received two feet of snowflakes.


The amount of snow befuddled the weatherman, and has been the talk of the town and the main headline in this week’s local news. Due to the cold temperatures, snow still remains in many areas.


For over 24 hours the fine snow fell and created a winter wonderland of peace here on Brushy Fork Mountain. Mother Nature put on her finest gown of shimmering white and glowed with a radiance of heavenly splendor.


Like peeking inside a snow globe, the whole terrain was transformed by the cold, northwest wind which blew in from Canada. Incredibly, it was only a week before that the annual Christmas parade in downtown Sylva was watched by some wearing shorts! Then a week after that, snowsuits and sleds were the order of the day.


Trees and bushes took on different shapes and continued to change their looks the longer the snow fell on the Nantahala Forest. In my imagination, Rhododendrons became legions of Pacmen with their snowy capes, and the hydrangeas by our home became white chocolate covered cherries with stems. Nature’s own home-grown confections.


Slowing down the pace of life is a good thing. Snow visits here a few times in the winter and brings that peace and quiet and beauty. We are nearing what my Irish friends call the mid-winter, which the Celtic calendar recognizes as Winter Solstice. A beautiful time of reflection, and of sharing joy amongst our family and friends. A big cup of hot chocolate is the order of the day, along with propping our feet by the fire from the Yule log in the hearth.


May we all find the peace within, and enjoy the changing of the seasons.


Featured photograph, “Confections of Snow”.


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