Season of Light by Teri Leigh Teed

On the morning of the Autumn Equinox, the sun streaming through the fog in the mystical Nantahala Forest outside my window beckoned me to grab my camera. So I hurriedly put on my shoes and threw on my jacket over my pajamas and scampered outside.

Surrounded by the forest, my closest human neighbors are half a mile away down the dirt and gravel mountain road near the peak of Brushy Fork’s ridge in the Greens Creek community outside Sylva, NC. The serenity and silence are heavenly.

What happened over the next half hour was one of the most incredible displays of Nature I have ever experienced. I believe that God puts people and places in our paths. On this morning, I felt the Divine Presence and I was, and am, very grateful to live in these mountains of western North Carolina.

Forests have always felt like cathedrals to me, and time spent here in Nantahala is very spiritual. This particular morning was a sermon in illumination. As the brilliant rays from the sun broke through the branches of the trees, multiple pathways were created and I was led as if by angels from one photograph to another, following the Light in the Forest.

Light always arrives at the right time and fills our hearts with peace and hope. It washes away our fears and comforts us, lifting us up in the joy of the soul’s dance with life. And in that moment, we are transformed.

May this Season of Light fill your heart with peace, love and goodwill.

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Featured photograph, “Light of Peace”, which is part of my new series “Season of Light” exhibit at the Burrell Gallery in Sylva, NC from December 1, 2017 through January 31, 2018. Here is a news story in Smoky Mountain News.

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