Night Night Nantahala

Poem by Teri Leigh Teed

 From the ridges and the knolls

To the hollows and the coves,

Night night Nantahala

It’s time for the dark.


There’s a pattern that beckons

The darkness

To cover the forest at night.

When the moon and stars overhead

Signal the nocturnal

time is at hand.


In the morning the sunlight

Streams inside the cathedral

Illuminating the land within.

Good morning Nantahala

Land of the noon day sun.

Your day has begun.


Magical shafts of light beam

through the branches

To the forest floor.

Sending the light of truth

To the world below.


Awaken and listen to your hearts

And find the truth within.

Lift up the world

With your voice and

Let Love win.


Forests are places of refuge

For all who make time

For peace.

So listen to the wisdom

Of Nature,

For this is God’s

Holy place.

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