The Path of the Feather by Teri Leigh Teed

“Be ever mindful of strangers, for sometimes we have entertained angels unaware.” Hebrews 13:2

About fifteen years ago, I started finding feathers everywhere I walked. When I stepped out my home’s front door, there was feather, or two, on my garden path. When I opened my car door and stepped out of my car, there was a feather on the ground or on the sidewalk.

One summer day in 2012, I was walking up to my front door and saw something small stuck to the door mat. I stopped to inspect the small object and voila! There was a soft brown and white feather, an owl feather.

Amazing serendipitous things happen when we open ourselves to communications with our angelic family of supporters.

I am in constant awe of and eternally grateful for our angelic helpers. The love and encouragement, healing and guidance, and protection they give us selflessly is God’s blessings in action.

We are given free will to choose our thoughts and beliefs. I am glad I believe in angels.

On our daily paths in our lives, angels are all around us. Most of us go about our routines and never notice their presence. And yet they are there, always, and ready to assist us.

“Angels are all around us
and any heart who yearns to
can reach out
and touch a wing.” 
         ~ Anonymous

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